How to Choose an Exterior Door For Your Home

Your exterior doors play a very important role in creating your home’s character. Aside from providing your family and guests with a welcoming entry point, they also contribute a lot to your overall comfort. In addition, they command the most attention from anyone passing your home, making your doors a vital aesthetic component. These are just some of the reasons you should never be hasty about buying new exterior doors.

If you’re not confident about choosing the right doors for your home, our expert crew can help. This guide from Handyman Connection of Edmonds can help you choose the doors best suitable for your needs.

Types of Exterior Doors

There are three main types of exterior doors: patio, entry, and garage. Patio doors are among the most functional parts of a home because they provide a seamless connection between your interior and exterior living spaces. Entry doors, on the other hand, are often the most glamorous, as their job is to welcome guests. Lastly, garage doors provide easy access to your garage areas. They also protect your cars and inside belongings, which is why they need to have maximum durability.

Material Options

Exterior doors can come in many materials, but most homeowners prefer these three material options:

  • Wood – Many homeowners prefer wood doors mainly because of their superior beauty and quality. In addition, solid wood doors are designed to resist warping and other problems that might affect their lifespan. Since they are strong and sturdy, you can expect them to provide excellent security to your home.
  • Steel – While it costs less than wood, steel offers a much stronger barrier against the elements. It can offer great performance for many years when maintained properly.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass doors are versatile in terms of design, being able to mimic the look and elegance of real wood. They are also easy to maintain and can hold up well in changing conditions.

Each exterior door should be selected to match its purpose, and you can turn to Handyman Connection of Edmonds to handle the installation of your new doors. If you need help in choosing doors that match your personality and needs, you can call us or complete our request form for a no-obligation, free project estimate.

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